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You know those awkward sounds that everyone tries to avoid or ignore but everyone else seems to hear?
Like a not-so-silent cough in a movie theater.
Or maybe an uncontrollable snort while laughing.
Or the adolescent embarrassment of a voice cracking (a la Peter Brady) .
Everyone stares at you. Everyone heard it.

Well at Propulsion Media Labs, we also have sounds that catch everyone's attention.
Except ours don't come with rude shushing...only applause.
We specialize in creating audio that folks listen to, but don't cringe at. We do this by utilizing our Top 100 Voice Talent, our 1000s of music tracks and SFX, and our 3 ProTools suites.

Our results? Unique and personalized audio production at lightning speed. We are one of the top audio production companies.

Don’t believe us? Bring us your scripts or copy points, we’ll kick em
down to one of our 3 obsessive creative producers, and before you
know it, your signature spot will be on the air.

So turn up the volume, and search and listen to our vast cache of audio production samples.

Just make sure you take something for that cough.



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Karen Boback - State House
Grand River Casino – Avalanche
Borgata - Kool And The Gang
South Shore Line - Summer
North Dakota State Fair - Journey CCR
North Dakota State Fair- Grandstand Show Pass Line Up
Borgata - Mellencamp
Twin Pine Casino - Stack it, Pack it, Kayak it
Prairie Knights Casino - Sawyer Brown
Twin Pine Casino – Big Bad VooDoo Daddy
Mississippi State Fair - 2016
Tax Payer Minute - Property Taxes
Club Risque - Something Different
Borgata- Earth, Wind and Fire
Cloverdale Sausage - Pepper Jack Tangy
Town and Country Credit Union - Pretty Fast
Golden Nugget - Haven
Dixie National Rodeo- 2013 Rodeo
Borgata- Lil John
North Dakota Lottery - Click and Pick
Flash Foods - Armchair QB
Borgata – Winter Music Week
Norsk Hostfest - Doobie Brothers
Tires Plus - Snow Tires
Half Time Beverage - Rally
Monster Energy Super Cross- Featuring Toyota
Twin Pine Casino - Fall into Cash
Prairie Knights Casino - Ratt Firehouse
Just Like Family Home Healthcare - Depend
Motocross – MotoFest
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