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Chris Craft, President/Owner

Chris is the alpha dog that guides PML to success. As the owner of the company, Chris is in charge. One of Chris' coolest achievements is being inducted into the Villanova Hall of Fame for Swimming. To raise awareness for hamster gingivitis, he rode a bike across a 7-11 parking lot raising over $37 in Shake n Bake coupons. In 1979 at the age of 12, Chris had not yet passed his driver's test. As recently as 3 months ago, he had eaten an egg salad sandwich. Chris spends much of his free time describing the facial architecture of the cast of "Three's Company" to police sketch artists. He credits staying fit by only eating meals while sprinting the 110 meter hurdles. Chris was never credited for co-writing many of the B-side singles for the southern rock band 38 Special. He won a karaoke contest sponsored by "Depends" by singing the song "London Bridge is Falling Down". Chris is now working on building the first ever "green" city in Pennsylvania called "Martian Town".

Corey Dissin, Vice President/General Manager

Corey is the Consigliere to Chris’ Don. As the “enforcer” at PML, he’s responsible for keeping all of Propulsion’s employees, clients, and vendors pulling on the same side of the rope – and even though he looks like a WWE cast-off, he manages to do it minus the headlocks and bodyslams (most of the time). With humble beginnings dating back to 1993 as an administrative assistant and then an audio producer, he earned his GM stripes, and has been the VP since 2003. When he’s not calling the shots at PML’s helm, Corey can be found in either of two places: his local gym pressin up some serious iron, or an area baseball field cheering on his teenage son.

Mike Remp, Client Services Director –

As a Kutztown University graduate, Mike was not exactly sure what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. After performing in the Traveling Circus and relentlessly puffing on his e-cigarette, he found himself at Propulsion and has since been with the company for 8 years. If you look closely, you can see that Mike has a coffee mug surgically attached to his right hand, to allow a constant flow of caffeine so that he is energized enough to keep up with the many plates he spins.

Kate Ranney, Account Coordinator –

Kate Ranney, Mother of Dragons, Daughter of the Mad King, Khaleesi: Freer of Slaves. . .wait scratch that she's actually from West Chester.  When she's not LARPing Game of Thrones in a public park, she's spending a good amount of her time sailing.  In fact, she claims to have grown up on sailboats, which would explain her anchor neck tattoo.  Kate loves bacon and watching funny cat videos on-line, but never at the same time. . .because that's when things get dangerous.


Christian DeLuccia, Account Coordinator –

Born into a band of roving gypsies who settled into the parking lot of a vacant K-Mart, Christian still gets a little misty everytime he hears the words "blue light special."  He loves two things about Philadelphia - (1) the Phillies and (2) the Phillies.  He'd name a third but that requires math. He is also a huge fan of mob movies, and watches them whenever he has time, unlike his uncle Vito 'Duct Tape' DeLuccia, who has lots of time - 5 years left on a 28 year stretch at Shawshank. At his interview at PML, he told Chris Craft that he wanted to get into advertising in the worst way, and Chris said, "Well, this is it."

Tom Trzesniowski, Senior Audio Producer

Tom, in his fashionable Addidas track jacket and designer sneakers, works down in one of the audio dungeons. Subsisting on a diet of Chicken McNuggets and Mountain Dew, he’s the resident ProTools aficionado, and he supervises a majority of the voice talent sessions - which is the only time he's allowed contact with other humans during the day. Tom is first to admit he’s the lone super-fan of the 80’s sitcom “Night Court”, and he’s famous for quoting the animated series, Pinky and the Brain. One of his favorites is “never underestimate the power of a free t-shirt.”

Andrew Kunkle, Senior Video Producer

When he’s not being mistaken for Zach Galifanakis, Andrew is behind the camera shooting footage or busting out motion-graphic masterpieces in After Effects. He’ll often stroll around the office with his “pimp stick” to make sure none of his subordinates get out of line because (as he says) “Pimpin ain’t easy, but it’s necessary.” If you catch him at the right moment, you may witness one of his awesome dance routines with extremely original moves that he learned from N’SYNC. He lives his life by a simple philosophy, ”I don’t really ever know what I’m doing.”

Matt DiPippa, Video Producer

When Matt isn’t turning TV spot concepts into bricks of gold, he’s saving the lives of animals from the depths of despair. When it comes to animal care, Matt makes Noah look like Cruella Deville. Matt owns a couple animals, including 2 dogs, a bird, a cat, five dolphins, three kangaroos and a unicorn. Okay, maybe not the last couple but you get the idea.

Michael Edwards, Video Producer - 

Born in the UK and proud of it. Award winning filmmaker, Delaware rock star and part-time weirdo. He enjoys spicy food, craft beers and has only pooped twice in his whole life. He now resides in Delaware and is in a relationship with a Philly Roller Girl. Mike left PML in 2008 to run for president of the USA, but found out he couldn't because he was born on the wrong side of the Atlantic. He is now back at Propulsion because he misses the dorm-like feel in the office. Oh, and he started the video department here at PML.


Emma Scarloss, Video Producer

Emma is a video editing machine. No, really, she’s actually a machine. When she’s not working on spots she’s traveling through time in order to deliver the best comebacks days after the fact. A graduate of Mount Holyoke College she can and will talk your ear off about the patriarchy. Her hobbies include butter carving, pretending to know what you’re talking about, quoting obscure movie lines from the 90s, and saying the Pledge of Allegiance 20 times before going to bed.


Greg Lynn, Video Producer

Greg has seen some stuff. His family bought a moderately haunted Ice Cream Parlor when he was 8. Has it affected him? You be the judge. He played guitar in a cover band where he was also the resident rapper, and has footage to prove it. He has had song parodies played on The Howard Stern Show, one of which made “Best of the Week.” Greg enjoys hot sauce. A lot. 



Jordan Morales, Video Producer

Jordan is a film and video enthusiast who firmly believes his readiness for the impending zombie apocalypse will pay off from his tireless hours of training like his favorite movie hero Maximus in Gladiator.  In between his rigorous combat preparation sessions, he manages to squeeze in some time to write love song lyrics and binge watch every episode of Breaking Bad backwards.  And on top of his obsession with one-day triumphing over the undead, he has a passion for cooking and gorging on pastelillos.


Jeff Simmons, Audio Producer

Jeff is from Springfield and oddly enough he once was featured in an episode of the Simpsons. If he isn’t singing the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the shower using a hair brush as his microphone, he is sending invites to his collection of Philadelphia Eagles stuffed animals to join him on game night. (He doesn’t invite the one with the Michael Vick jersey anymore for obvious reasons). The inspiration for his incredibly quirky podcast ‘Turning the Tables’, comes from his trials and tribulations at his former job as a waiter at Hooters. His favorite snacks are chicken nuggets and kiwi, but if they are touching or on the same plate, he won't eat them.

Susan Johnson, Office Manager

Susan is the financial superglue that holds PML together. Between processing invoices and paying all the bills, she’s solely responsible for instituting book-balancing as an official event in the 2012 Summer Olympics. The default “mom” of the group,” she’s even been known to call employees to make sure they wake-up on time, especially Matt.

Steph Diegel, Video Producer

Steph is a motion graphics designer and is obsessed with dogs; however, her two pets are a cat and a bunny.   And she was a math major in college yet somehow she ended up in video production.  That may explain why her favorite hobby is fetching a frisbee while doing long division.  As a life long super-fan of the TV show "Friends", Steph can often be heard randomly reciting every line Jennifer Anniston spoke, and sometimes mixing in a little David Schwimmer for funsies.



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